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Can you ask for a loan of 100 euros?

Until recently, borrowing loan 100 euros was impossible. At least, through the traditional and legal channels. The available options were friends and relatives, with the consequent discomfort that this generated, or mortgaging with a bank requesting a much larger amount than what was really needed. But thanks to the Internet, it is already possible to ask for an immediate credit worth 100 euros or even less. Here we tell you all the keys to this type of microloan.

Who grants loans of 100 euros?

To apply for 100-euro loans, you do not have to go to any bank office. In fact, it is not even necessary to move from home: in recent years a flourishing mini – loan sector has emerged that serves those seeking quick and low-value financing solutions, something that banks were not able to offer. is a good example of this. On our website you can apply for really low loans of just 50 euros, although you can increase the amount requested up to 750 euros. Regarding the term for the return, it is the client who chooses it: from 1 day to 30 days. For this, you will only need to register as a user by filling in a small form with your basic information, such as name, surname, address and account number in which you want to receive the loan.

Advantages and disadvantages of 100 euro loans


The advantages of applying for low amounts loans on websites like Credy are numerous, much more than their disadvantages. The great pros of these minipréstamos are the facility to request them, the rapidity with which the money is received in the account, the privacy that is guaranteed throughout the process or the security in each operation, since all operations are performed under encryption. SSL
A disadvantage is its higher proportional cost , which is reflected in a higher APR than other larger loans, such as personal loans of 5,000 euros. However, even though the APR is higher, the total expense will be lower at the end of the operation: what is the point of asking for a loan higher than what is needed just because the APR is lower?

What can 100-euro loans be for?


Although it may seem like little money, a loan of 100 euros is a real help in many cases. One of the clearest examples is the traffic fine that is still in the voluntary period: paying it on time with an online mini-credit will avoid having to pay the full amount of the fine, which is often double what is paid in voluntary period, that is, 200 euros in this case. Therefore, this loan of 100 euros is actually a way to save another 100 euros, which would have to deduct the costs of the operation, which in any case are close to these amounts.
Another situation in which 100-euro loans are welcome is when we lose the house keys and we have to call the locksmith to come and open the door. That amount of money, which is often enough to pay for an emergency opening, can be requested even while the locksmith is working on opening your lock.
However, that of the locksmith is not the only urgent repair that can arise during the day: the car can leave us lying without warning. And any breakdown that affects important parts for the operation of the vehicle must be resolved urgently, since in this case the safety of the driver and passengers is at stake. On the other hand, with 100 euros you can also rent a car in a rent a car office, while the vehicle itself is being repaired in the workshop.
Another of the emergency situations that may arise is the loss or breakage of the glasses , one of the essential accessories for those who wear them. These 100 euros can be enough to buy new ones, to repair old ones immediately or to acquire emergency lenses, without having to wait at the beginning of the month.
But not only for emergencies can these loans of 100 euros be used. In fact, many clients decide to request their mini credit to pamper themselves . For example, for the purchase of airline tickets at an unrepeatable and fleeting price, or to buy tickets for the concert of the year, which in a short time will hang poster of ‘No seats left’. In the same line are special offers in auction stores like eBay or extraordinary discounts on certain days, such as Black Friday. In these cases, the gift of opportunity and speed of join to save money on purchases of this type.