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How to Consolidate Loans and Reducing obligations?

Advertising spots of banks are shouting that the next loan, loan will open the gates of a new life for us. Another offer convinces us that despite many debts, we are able to live prosperously and it is necessary to consolidate loans. What is it and how to consolidate loans? Further illustration at

  • What is under the concept of loan consolidation?
  • What to do to consolidate loans?
  • Which documents are needed to consolidate loans?
  • When is not it worth consolidating loans?

What is under the concept of loan consolidation?

When the amount of the monthly installments, liabilities, it becomes more than our abilities, we can reach for a financial product, which will create the opportunity to combine all debts into one. The consolidation loan binds the existing liabilities into one, allows us to protect us from the debt spiral and regain financial liquidity. The Bank offers the acquisition of the value of previous loans and advances, proposes a new interest rate and determines the installment, which is usually lower than the sum of the previous ones.The joint interest rate on consolidated debts depends on the interest we pay on the loans taken out, the conditions are always calculated separately for each situation. The lowest interest rate can usually be obtained by consolidating long-term liabilities, high ratios refer to expensive, short-term debts, such as a cash loan. Consolidation is based on a lower monthly installment, which is why the repayment period is always longer.

What to do to consolidate loans?

The process of applying for a consolidation loan is the same as for other loans, before making a decision it is worth using an online credit comparison website. An easy-to-use tool will allow you to view the offers of many institutions, will allow you to choose one that fits our financial capabilities.

Which documents are needed to consolidate loans?

When we decide to merge debts, the bank always requires submission of a set of documents that allow the consolidation procedure to start. In practice, the banking offer, in this respect, includes a cash or mortgage consolidation loan.In the first case, we must complete fewer formalities, the bank requires two IDs, a certificate of the source and the amount of income obtained, documents stating the possession and repayment of previous debts. Also important is the personal account statement with the history of transactions from the last few months.When applying for a mortgage consolidation loan, we must additionally present a document constituting the basis for the acquisition of the real estate on which the pledge will be established. You will also need a copy from the land and mortgage register, its valuation and confirmation of the mortgage entry.

When is not it worth consolidating loans?

You have to remember that combining debts into one is not an option for everyone, always consider and calculate which option is more profitable for us. A consolidation loan is associated with higher costs, no matter how good the advertising slogans sound, we will always have to pay more than if each of the liabilities were repaid separately.

Certainly it is not a product designed for people, who have a problem with solvency and timely payment of debts. It is a long-term commitment that requires sound management of money.